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Babe Ruth Personal Swing Coach App

Build your swing with a training plan designed just for you.

Babe Ruth League and K-MOTION have partnered to help you swing with more confidence, get more hits, and have more fun.

You’ll See Real Progress Quickly

We give you the drills, you do them, you improve. Then we give you more drills so you keep learning. We have found players who use the app regularly make progress and keep getting better. 

How It Works

Record Your Swing

Train Your Plan

Check In 

Download The App

Get Your Analysis

What You Get

You get a personalized report on your swing from our expert coaches. This report includes a video breaking down your swing and a written part highlighting areas to train. Our coaches evaluate your swing using a framework based on swing characteristics.  For an example, click here to learn more about Sway.

Your Swing Analysis

Personalized Training Plan

Your Swing Check In

Now that you are ready, send us a video of your new swing. Our coaching experts evaluate the swing characteristic you were training to change and provide you with personalized feedback.

Weekly Videos

Each week we send you a new video focused on a skill,  a techniques, or a concept. These videos help you build your knowledge, skill and baseball IQ. 

Week 1: With your personalized swing analysis, you get a drill explanation video and a cue video for your first drill. Train your drill.

Week 2: You get a short letter from your coach with your next drill and cue video. Train both your drills. 

Week 3: You get a new drill and cue video. Train all 3 drills.

Ongoing: Keep training until you are ready for your swing check in or your next swing analysis.

Leaderboards And Badges

We have found that players who have fun while training put in more time, do higher quality work and improve faster. To help you, the app lets you compete against athletes from across the country, earn achievement badges and get spotlighted by the Babe Ruth League.

Training Made Fun

Your Baseball Journey

Baseball is a team sport and an individual sport. As you grow, pitches get faster, fields get larger – you’ll need to keep up as an individual to stay on the team. Through our experience with kids like you,  MLB teams and college programs, we know how to evaluate, train and grow a player’s swing. We will be with you today, tomorrow, and everyday, helping you reach your baseball dreams.

Get Started Now

The parent coach's new best friend: capturing swings takes less than two minutes, and you can do it and train anytime, anywhere: off pitches, off a tee, or even an air swing in your living room. 

Plans And Pricing

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billed annually (monthly option available)

billed annually







Holiday Special! Take 25% Off

Now Thru November 27th




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Now Only:

Now Only:

If you're new to baseball or just want to try improving your swing

If you’re committed to the game or want to make serious progress quickly

If you’re all in or a tournament player looking to play at the next level

This app is created in partnership with K-Motion, whose products are used by MLB teams, elite academies and major university programs

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