A New Way To Improve Your Swing:

Personalized Training Programs And A Unique Experience, All On Your Phone



A Better Way Of  Training Is Here

Watch this video to learn why the Personal Swing Coach App is like having an expert coach in your pocket. Train anywhere, anytime.

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How You Use The App

You send videos of your swing through the app to your expert coach. Takes less than two minutes.

Via the app, your coach sends you an assessment highlighting your strengths and an area of opportunity to improve your swing.

Next, your coach will send you a personalized, training program that you train as often as you like. Each program includes a video that explains what to do and another one that guides you as you train. You will receive a total of 3 programs, over 15 days.

As you train, you earn points and can compete in a game with a leaderboard -- It's super fun and helps you get better faster.

All you need is your phone and bat. Train at home, anywhere, anytime.

Introducing Training Mode - A Great New Experience

Use the new training mode to do high quality reps of your personalized drills and then see your strengths and areas of opportunity  in a side-by-side comparison to a pro. 
And parents, you can rest easy,  your kid is working with a coach, doing high quality reps and not wasting time training the wrong things.

K-Motion is the player development partner of the Baltimore Orioles. 25 major league teams, university softball and baseball programs, On Base U, Driveline, and Elite Baseball Training all work with K-MOTION.

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